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frequently asked question

Why should I get Athletes Pro?

If you're an athlete you can benefit from auto-generated workouts to balance out your body and train neglected muscles.

What if I need help?

Well, then you just write us and we try to assist you with getting the most out of our app. Do you need help?

How does the app work?

1. You define your training goals like sets, reps and weights for every exercise. Cardio goals, mobility goals and many more.
2. You create the workouts and exercises you perform. For every workout you track the sets, reps and weights.
3. The app has a database of muscle activity for every exercise. This is shown in the visualization progress of the body model.

Are there any new features coming?

We are working extensively on adding further auto-generation of workouts, automatic 3/4/5-splits, push-pull workouts for upper and lower body and progressive overload capabilities to generate new workouts according to your goals and push you on getting stronger, better and faster.
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